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Posted by: Paul Nichols

07 May 2007

So I've been out of the loop for awhile. That's what a new job'll do. (No, I didn't get fired from my former job for spending too much time writing articles for this site or "playing" fantasy baseball.)


Men's health. We think about it a lot. But we don't do a lot about it. Actually, guys will exercise to try and be fit. But we don't do a good job of eating right. So we try to cut corners. Instead of vegetables, we eat carrot cake. Instead of potatoes, we eat chips. Instead of dinner, we eat chocolate.


For decades (or whenever time began), the only real shortcut men had to healthy eating was getting married. But, providentially, a company started selling vegetable juice over 70 years ago. After selling 80 million gallons of the stuff to a combined 26 people, they decided to broaden their horizons and try to catch some dollars from some new demographics, namely, me.


For those who don't know, V8 juice is like tomato juice on steroids. Now get that image out of your head, because it's nothing like tomato juice on steroids - that's just the easiest and most common simile you'll hear describing the stuff. Alright, now put that image back...tomato juice on steroids is close enough - I'm just not witty enough to come up with another analogy. And, since I've only really tasted the stuff once while taking a dare in junior high, I have no serviceable recollection of its flavor.


So, anyway, V8 decided to reach out to the health nut in all of us (well, to those of us who haven't gotten married) with V8 Fusion (I think technically it's V.Fusion). V8 Fusion is vegetable and fruit juice combined into one hale and hearty amalgamation. When I first saw the ad on TV I perked up. "Hmmm, an easy way to substitute for potato chips in my diet?" I thought. Sold! So I sauntered down to the local try-n-save and ponied up $4 (FOUR!) to buy a little less than a half gallon of the stuff. Banana Strawberry flavored. Each 8 ounces has a full serving of vegetables and, I dunno, a whole bunch of sugar to make it manageable. They also threw in all the keywords: antioxidant, vitamins, American Heart Association. The less I have to think about healthy living the better. It actually doesn't taste too bad, either. I mean, if you can manage cranberry juice you won't have any problems with this stuff.


So kudos to you, V8 Fusion!

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