NFL Preview 2010

Posted by: Paul Nichols

09 Sep 2010

Here's your 5-minute NFL preview for the 2010 season. Teams are listed in their predicted finish in their division:


AFC East


New England Patriots - On top until proven otherwise. It could be the year of the otherwise, though.


Miami Dolphins - Always frisky. Can't name a player on their roster. Jason Taylor's no longer playing for them, right? So, yeah. Can't name a player on their roster. Frisky, though.


New York Jets - No more Thomas Jones at running back. I don't care who they have now - he can't possibly be better known than Thomas Johnson. Er, I mean Jones.


Buffalo Bills - Will start out poorly. Probably finish the season winning something like 4 of 6 - just enough of a winning streak to give their fans hope for next season's failure.


AFC North


Baltimore Ravens - Always in the hunt. Flacco gets it done.


Pittsburgh Steelers - Pittsburgh is an every-other-year kind of team. 9-7 last year. 12-4 the year before. The best 8-8 team ever the year before that. The Super Bowl team the year before that.


Cincinnati Bengals - Overrated last year. Overrated this year. It's Cincinnati, people. I hope you're not putting money on them.


Cleveland Browns - Overrated this year. I see some folks predicting as many as 3 victories for them.


AFC South


Indianapolis Colts - On top until proven otherwise. But it is the Chinese year of the otherwise.


Tennessee Titans - Vince Young wins football games like Cris Carter catches touchdown passes. This is a dangerous Titans team.


Houston Texans - Always overrated in an underrated kind of way. Right here until they get over 8-8. Exciting team, though.


Jacksonville Jaguars - It's good to see they're still fielding a team. They're bad, though.


AFC West


San Diego Chargers - On top until proven otherwise. Probably the next couple years, too. They don't follow the Chinese calendar in San Diego


Denver Broncos - Denver might finish second in this division with 6 wins.


Kansas City Chiefs - Kansas City will finish around 6 wins, too.


Oakland Raiders - I like Jason Campbell at quarterback. It's the rest of the team that will prevent these guys from going over the 6-win mark.


NFC East


Dallas Cowboys - Who else can overtake them in this division?


New York Giants - They're over their injuries, right?


Philadelphia Eagles - It'll be nice to see if Kolb can replace Donovan McNabb at quarterback. A Houston Texans 8-8 season coming up?


Washington Redskins - McNabb will provide some excitement, at least. Excitement about their 5-win season.


NFC North


Green Bay Packers - Seems to be the winner in this division. Too many question marks for the other teams.


Minnesota Vikings - ??? Too old.


Chicago Bears - ??? Too inconsistent.


Detroit Lions - ??? Too young.


NFC South


New Orleans Saints - Explosive awesomeness.


Atlanta Falcons - They looked really good two years ago and had a letdown season last year. I see playoffs for them.


Tampa Bay Buccaneers - Ugh. So inconsistent. I don't see anything good here.


Carolina Panthers - Here either.


NFC West


San Francisco 49ers - Because someone has to win this division. Perhaps a 7-win team?


Arizona Cardinals - Terrible team. But better than the other teams in this division. I think.


St. Louis Rams - Will see 400% improvement over last season. Good enough for 3rd in the division.


Seattle Seahawks - Horrible. There are a lot of horrible teams in the NFL this season.





AFC 1st Round: Indianapolis, Baltimore, San Diego, New England, Pittsburgh, Tennessee.

"2nd Round: Indianapolis, Baltimore, Pittsburgh, Tennessee.

3rd Round: Pittsburgh, Tennessee. (I know. Not picking the home teams isn't a smart pick here.)


NFC 1st Round: Green Bay, New Orleans, Dallas, San Francisco, Atlanta, Minnesota.

2nd Round: Green Bay, New Orleans, Dallas, Atlanta.

3rd Round: Green Bay, New Orleans.


Super Bowl: Green Bay over Tennessee.


There you have it. Green Bay takes home the trophy, though I can't name their running back. Probably that means I'll be wrong. I like Vince Young, and Jeff Fisher just wins games, and I can name Tennessee's running back. So for you at home, bet Tennessee. I'll keep my prediction the same, though.

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