Civics 101 - US Public Service Academy

Posted by: Paul Nichols

15 Nov 2007

You know I like to prattle on about civics and how we need to teach it better. Well, let me bring you up to speed on a movement to formalize civics educational opportunity that goes beyond just a four year curriculum in high school.


Yup, there's a movement to make a university solely dedicated to civics. It would mirror the military service academies, and after graduation students would have to serve the country in a civilian position for at least five years.


Pretty novel idea, me thinks!


But this isn't only a movement. This seems to have some serious backing. The Public Service Academy Act is a bill before the Senate (S. 960) and the House (H.R. 1671). It's got substantial backing from a wide variety of Senators and Representatives. Check out the website for more information, or its In-Congress page to see who's on the civics bandwagon.

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