Mattingly and Managerial Experience

Posted by: Paul Nichols

31 Oct 2007

So it looks like the New York Yankees actually made the right decision in hiring Joe Girardi as their new coach. Thank goodness. But it's not like Don Mattingly or Tony Pena were sloughs. Tony Pena actually had a winning record one season when he coached the Kansas City Royals. He was up for consideration for the Nobel Peace Prize that year for that accomplishment.


But have you noticed that every article on Mattingly states rather rudely that he has no coaching experience??? It's beyond me how all these writers then go on to mention Mattingly's coaching experience as a hitting instructor for three years and a bench coach for one year. Yeah, I'm sure he didn't pick up anything by sitting next to Joe Torre for a year or being on the bench for a combined four. Alright, he didn't have any head coaching experience, but there's a big difference there, people.


That being said, I think most people do agree that it would be better for Mattingly to pick up some more experience, so it's a good thing he's exploring his options and won't come back to NY next year.


There, I said it.

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