Happy First Birthday

Posted by: Mark Nichols

25 Oct 2007

Just over a year ago I bought hosting services and the domain name for this website. After getting buddy Steve to do a bunch of site development (for a modest fee and a 30% stake in the income of my future children), I finally posted our first article on October 26th. It was about baseball.


Since then we've had the opportunity and motivation to grow into a worldwide phenomenon of about 40 readers (plus or minus 50), and thousands of accidental hits - people searching on Google for some weird drug and finding a link to our site. We've risen to the occasion a few times, writing stuff that was halfway decent. And we've taken plenty of opportunities to inundate you with drivel (like right now).


As my brudda and I continue to walk on that path called life (zzz...), we may soon find a rededication to the perpetuation of this empire, a fresh zeal for the intelligent and witty, yeah, an esoteric enterprising spirit that drives us to achieve world domination...


...or not.


Either way, happy first birthday, Dime Brothers.

© 2007 Dime Brothers

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