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Office Linebacker - 5 Cents
Posted by: Paul Nichols

28 Aug 2007

Every workplace needs one of these guys to keep the worker bees in check.


A Dime Brothers warning for the language in this clip. You can also check out other fun clips in this series at the following link, which takes you to You Tube UK.


Office Linebacker


Sample quote from the clip: "You kill the joe, you make some mo'!"

© 2007 Dime Brothers
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Reader Comments:

I loved these!
These commercials were awesome when they came out and they're still funny a few years later. My favorite parts are when he blindsides people and drills them into the floor.
30 Aug 2007
I love seeing him completely airborne.

Speaking of good commercials, anyone remember those few of MJ when he retired... yet someone mysteriously like him started wowing people. I think his name was Kilroy.

Actually I just did a search but only came up with one YouTube video that didn't seem to match my memory.
31 Aug 2007

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