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Interlude in Procrastination - 5 Cents
Posted by: Paul Nichols

05 Jul 2007

So I got to thinkin' today, pretty much about nothing.


Then I thought, "Thinkin' about nothing pretty much sucks."


Then I thought, "Maybe I'm having trouble thinkin' cause I've been so busy."


Then I thought, "Being busy's normally a good thing. Especially when opposed to procrastination."


Then I thought, "Maybe I should write an article for DimeBrothers."


Then I thought, "Naaahhhh."

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Reader Comments:

Procrastinators unite!
The beauty of this article is that it makes it possible for others to procrastinate as well...
05 Jul 2007
Tamburger helper 
I'll get back to you about that uniting thing...
So I was gonna put a message here, then decided to procrastinate and not put one here, but then I realized I was typing what I was thinking, and thus, accomplishing something. I'm such a failure. I can't even procrastinate right.
06 Jul 2007

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