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Race for Presidency - 5 Cents
Posted by: Paul Nichols

19 May 2007

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Where do I send campaign contributions? Or does he not need any, since he's like, MacGyver?
19 May 2007
voting rationale
Ooh, he's cute, I'll vote for him!
19 May 2007
typical citizen 
those happy golden years
Thanks for the endorsement Dimebrothers- you'll be among my first political appointees.

Alas, if only mullets would come back in fashion, that was a good look for me...
19 May 2007
I met Mitt Romney (ex-Republican governor of Massachusetts who is running for President) this morning. He's a very good speaker, personable (I got to shake his hand and could have gotten a picture had I remembered my camera), and smart. He gave some specific examples on how to cut down the waste "in Washington", mentioning the number of federal programs devoted to economic development (was it over 300?).

He also brought up health care reform, in particular what they did in Massachusetts. One point was that people who don't have health insurance actually have health insurance - it's called the emergency room. Some who don't have insurance already know this and they just don't want to fork over money for something they can get for free. The rest of us end up paying for their care; but if the government helps out by getting these people on private plans, individuals (you and me) and the government end up saving money.

One of the questions posed to him was, "How will [he] address flip-flopping on abortion?" He answered hilariously that he's only flipped. He hasn't flopped. That he's always personally been against abortion, but he's had an internal debate about how government should step in to people's lives. Now he feels, with this issue, that the government should step in to fight for pro-life policies.

Anyhoo, thought it was neat to meet someone who could be "the leader of the free world". I encourage you all to research candidates at the national, state, and local level and pick who you think is best!
21 May 2007
The Dime
Forgot to mention that Romney used the phrase "get off the dime" (meaning, get to work). I looked up all the common uses of the word dime when we were inventing this site. "Get off the dime" comes from people screaming at dancing ladies to stop picking up people's dimes they would throw and to get back to dancing (think of the movie Far and Away with Cruise and Kidman).

That usage along with "dime bag" (refering to 10 dollar bags of drugs) were 2 potential reasons not to go with "Dime Brothers". In the end, mostly because we knew no one would care (because no one would be reading), we stuck with Dime Brothers.
21 May 2007

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