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AM Jump - 2 Cents
Posted by: Mark Nichols

26 Nov 2007

Ummm... looks like AM Jump on ESPN.com got axed. Or maybe they're just redesigning their morning sports fix feature again. It used to be the Daily Quickie. But I thought the "Jump" was done pretty well overall.
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AM Jump
Yeah, the last one was last Wednesday. I didn't hear a reason why they axed it, but they probably didn't get enough clicky-clickys.
26 Nov 2007
AM Jump
Maybe they could have actually provided a link to it from the main page. Sometimes even on Page 2 the only link to it would be the text at the top of the page - there wouldn't be an article summary to click on....

[ESPN exec] Let's create something new and not support it, yet hope it pans out.

[Yes man] Good idea, boss!

[exec] And let's make the theme each day tough to understand so that people have to reread the heading 50 times just to get what the blurbs are about.

[yes man] Excellent. Good stuff.

...I think it was nicely designed, and had some funny stuff where you didn't have to think too much to understand ("oddities" were understandable most of the time, and "not in this issue" too). But headings like, "9 things that couldn't have not happened to [obscure person I have to look up to know]" were not good. Then the blurbs summarizing sports news didn't always seem to jive with those headings. It encouraged the ignoring of the heading, and probably the AM Jump altogether. I found the best headings to be simple, like "7 things for this morning", or "5 things to think about". Useless, but at least you wouldn't hurt your brain trying to make rhyme or reason from the blurbs. I'll miss you AM Jump. Kinda.
27 Nov 2007

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