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Super Bowl Commercials 2011 - 5 Cents
Posted by: Mark Nichols

07 Feb 2011

Over the years I've cared less and less about the Super Bowl. But I still retain more than a passing interest in the commercials. Here are the ones that caught my attention.


Chrysler 200



I absolutely love the voice. I love the focus on grit yet combined grace/style emphasis. I love the music. I love the sound from the choir. I do not understand why Eminem is walking to the choir and then says, "This is the Motor City. This is what we do." But regardless, this feels like a short movie. Great quality.



Motorola Xoom



Love the story. Love the hopeful music. Love the zombie lookin' guy on the train platform. Love the look of the product. This commercial is trying to pick on Apple with the 1984 theme that Apple used to introduce the Macintosh computer. Good work all around, I think. Except it has to lose a point for mimicking something it's actually making fun of.



Suzuki Kizashi



This gets a call out only because it's like the first Japanese car ever to not be afraid to have a Japanese name, right? Not that I've done any research.



Bud Light - "Hack Job"



Points for mimicking pretty much every show on HGTV. Not that we're proponents of booze.



Audi - "Release the Hounds"



Funny. Although tough to hear some of the words on the first go. Bonus points for the words "Focus!", for snooty accents and lingo, and for the awesome action of flying through a window pane above a door. Loss of points for the needless ending which smacks of 2002-ness. There's no need to flash to a supposedly comedic 2 seconds at the end of your product pitch.



Snickers - "Logging"



I love the whining. Classic. Could do without Roseanne.



Bridgestone - "Reply All"



Great expressions and characters. I love when he rips the huge set of cords from the wall. And smacking phones to the ground will really take care of the problem. Funny. Tough to remember what the ad is for, though.



There may be others that are worth watching. It's just that I'm too lazy to do complete research. The above should tide you over until next year's batch, though.



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Hard to keep the links active on these commercials.

It's surprising companies wouldn't want the ads spread around the internet as much as possible given the wads of cash they paid to get them aired on the Super Bowl. They must have a reason. I presume.
10 Mar 2011

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