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Movie Review: Leap Year - 5 Cents
Posted by: Mark Nichols

13 Jun 2010

I saw a movie yesterday with the wife and her sister. I got the chance to multitask - "watch" the movie and do stuff online. So it was a productive experience. Except for the half of my brain that was in charge of watchin'.


[Spoilers ahead!]


Leap Year stars Amy Adams, who we're usually big fans of. But I'm thinkin' she was held down by some production qualities and a script that held the dialogue to "mostly predictable".


She's such a meticulous person that we're forced to watch her be meticulous (often with no background music (!!!)). And she's in such control of her life, except for getting her boyfriend to propose to her. Then she meets her Dad at a bar (hunh?) so that he can painfully explain the premise of the movie - that an Irish woman can propose to her man on February 29th. She proceeds to do just that by following her boyfriend from the US to a conference in Dublin, except her plans get derailed and she's forced to cross the country with a totally awful guy. Of course the trip takes days even though Ireland is the size of Maine, Indiana, or West Virginia (depending on which unreliable source you want to reference).


Resisting urges to fast-forward the movie (but succumbing to urges not to listen), we finally got to the end where the boyfriend actually proposes to the girlfriend - a nice surprise since I was expecting an excuse to allow the girl to marry the "awful" guy (something stupid like seeing him make out with some random girl).


Double surprise that proved me right: we find out the motivation for the boyfriend to propose was to be able to move in to an apartment they wanted. The excuse allowed the girlfriend to fly back to Ireland and supposedly live happily ever after. I'd love to see a movie where the character has a much harder choice to make.


Sorry I've done such a poor job of describing the plot. But it's not like you care. Overall it's a nice movie to watch if you want to get something else done.



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