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Home Organization - 5 Cents
Posted by: Mark Nichols

07 Jan 2009

There are certain principles of home organization that should be codified into law immediately.


It's time to get your house in order:


1. Keep an extra roll of toilet paper on top of the toilet. If you think that's ugly lookin', then at least keep an extra roll in the bathroom somewhere (under the sink or in the closet). How rude to make someone hunt around the house for it after they've already sat down to use the bathroom.


2. Keep a garbage can in the bathroom. Not everything can be flushed down the toilet, so why encourage it by leaving nowhere else to put that stuff? (I'm speaking on behalf of women, here.)


3. There should be soap and shampoo (and possibly conditioner - again, for women) in the shower. People are going to use that shower, right? Why wouldn't there be soap there?! Oh, you're not going to bathe? Okay then.


4. You can be forgiven for not doing this one previously, but it's such a good idea that after reading this you will no longer have plausible deniability. Keep floss somewhere in your kitchen. After having guests over for dinner, they might ask you for it. In fact, you'll also end up finding it extremely handy.


5. You've set up a wireless internet connection in your house. Now just remember the password so you can type it in to your friend's computer when he comes over! This is not that difficult. Doesn't everyone have to remember 20 passwords nowadays anyway?


...So far the above list has basically been for not annoying guests who come and visit, but there is something to be said for some practical home organization, too.


6. Keep that old corded-phone around just in case the power goes out. The fancy-pants cordless phones require batteries and often an outlet. The older phones (rotary or plain touch-tone) just need to be plugged into the phone jack. Of course, you may have a charged cell phone to use, but maybe the battery is on the cusp of death? If and when the time comes, you'll be glad you had that old-school phone laying around.


7. Keep a flash light around, too, but not one that requires batteries. Get one of those that you can shake to charge. In fact, check out all this stuff from an emergency prep website.


I know lists are supposed to end with 5 or 10 things, so try to consider that this was going to be a 5-point list and that you got two bonus points for free. That might help you feel better. Now go and call your local representative today to get these ideas pushed into law!

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