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Tuesday Morning Quarterback - 5 Cents
Posted by: Paul Nichols

28 Nov 2007

Tuesday Morning Quarterback is a great writer on ESPN.com, who writes principally during the football season and posts his articles every Tuesday at noon. His articles are about 10,000 words, so set aside a chunk of time to read them! His recent article inspired me to write to him. Below is my e-mail to him. I'll let you know if he posts any of my comments. (But you should know anyway, 'cause you'll now be reading his articles.)


Heya (tastefully named) Gregg!
I think the every-other-week reader animadversion is helping out your stress levels (and mine). I've noticed that this year TMQ is posted without fail at 12:00 on ESPN, which makes me and millions of other readers quite happy! Let me say kudos to TMQ's sanity! (And apologies if I'm wrong.)
Kudos to your mention of Wegmans. Let me add that they're awesome employers. And that's not me just blowin' wind. Check out http://money.cnn.com/. Apparently others agree, because Wegmans is ranked the #3 employer in the land, just behind Google and Genentech. The description on the website isn't that good, but word-of-mouth indicates that Wegmans gives $2,000 to students as a bonus to help cover college costs, and that even part-time employees get health insurance. Sounds like a nice retirement job for the more and more Americans not getting health insurance from their current employers!
Oh, and you asked, "Why do otherwise kind-hearted and mild-mannered people become inconsiderate or even hostile in their cars?"
I think that people in the US are taught to look after number 1 (themselves). This is especially so on the road. Most people assume they're driving pretty well if they're driving slow and not causing an accident. But it's a lot more complicated than that. It's too bad not everyone had my drivers' ed teacher (the aptly named Mr. Hazard), who taught that you are responsible for not only yourself on the road, but for others. That means getting on an onramp at the speed of prevailing traffic (and not 30 mph under the speed limit). That means checking your rearview mirror every 10 seconds or so (gasp! yes--you're responsible for knowing what's going on behind you as well as in front of you, for safety's sake). That means staying right except to pass, even if you're in the left lane going pretty fast with a guy on your tail (how 'bout you get over and let the guy pass you, even if he's gonna get stuck behind the next car just up ahead--let him worry about that problem). And that means signaling, then breaking, then turning--not breaking, then signaling, then turning (if you break without signaling you're communicating that you're stopping in the middle of the road). It's no surprise that selfishness causes others to become inconsiderate as well, thus compounding the problem of hostility in the car.

And, as always, you rock!

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I like it when he writes about other issues or concerns that aren't football related. For example, he's written about space and evolution and the environment. Good reading. Of course, hit the "Boss Button" to remove images from the article if you want to.
30 Nov 2007

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